Wondering if I’m the only one wondering when the skinny jean trend will end?

I’ve been horrifying my fifteen year old niece for at least the last year threatening the demise of skinny jeans and a return to bell-bottoms. With 70s and 80s trends in fashion popping up all over the place, I figured that denim would be in store for a change as well. I recall reading somewhere that unlike other trends, jeans trends tend to take hold for at least 10 years. Something related to the investment we make in jeans, the quantity that we own – making transitions take longer than for other wardrobe staples.

I don’t need nor truly want us to move toward “elephant ears” – someone out there must know what I’m talking about, right? I coveted the pair of a 4th grader who’s mother was obviously a bit more indulgent than my own. Watching them swing and sway as she ran around the playground brought out the green monster in me. I’m sure that my practical Mom recognized that although fashion forward, a seven year old could end up with a whole lot of hurt trying to rid a bicycle with a yard of fabric around their ankle. However, when Kate Middleton appeared in wide-leg trousers over the holidays I really hoped that were headed toward a wider leg cut or at least toward more variety.

Today as I went to put on my skinny jeans I was called to another pair in the back of my drawer. Yes, a pair with flair. Like you, I’ll continue to wear my skinny jeans, but I am waiting and watching and looking forward to the day when skinny, boot or bell are all an option that won’t mark us as “in” or “out.”

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